Partner and Practice at Procare

Partner and Practice at Procare!

Whether you are located near one of the ProCare facilities and clinics, or if you are simply tired of the mounting expenses that come with running your own practice, you can opt to partner and practice with ProCare Clinics! Join our team of specialists and benefit from unmatched facilities and services. We will take a look at your CV, past practices, and skill set in order to determine that you abide by our ISO-certified status and are a good match! We are open to many different forms of partnerships, whether they be rentals, space-sharing, or facility loans. Contact our offices for more details on how to benefit from a mutually-beneficial partnership.

Our main objective for people partnering and moving to procare is to give them the ultimate environment and services to grow their private patients and their practice.

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What we offer:

  • Strategic location, facing Hotel Dieu Hospital
  • Professional and healthy environment
  • Professional communications tools (secretarial, administrative, digital marketing and hospitality services)
  • Flexible rental ratings that can be per hour, day or month
  • Affordable prices
  • Fully Equipped clinics
  • Fully connected facility: phone, fax and Wi-Fi
  • Reception area, waiting room, private kitchen for tenants and staff
  • CRM system for better patients’ communication