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Procare clinics is a state of the art facility committed to provide quality services and high tech treatment to all family members. this commitment is demonstrated through a team of unique health care professionals working in a ISO standards environment.

Our growing family of experts strive to offer the best for our patients, no matter what their needs. With specialists in dentistry, gastroenterology, nutrition, and others being added routinely. 

Our Vision

Our Technology

All our clinics are equipped with cutting edge technologies designed to provide you with the most efficient and up-to-date treatments while remaining compatible with the highest standards of professional oral care.



We constantly invest in high-end equipment

Disinfection and sterilization

We use the best products available for the disinfection of all our medical surfaces after each use and our instruments are inducted in a Class B autoclave that will insure their sterilization using a pressure of more than two bars and heat reaching 135 degrees Celsius insuring the extermination of all detrimental micro-bodies.


Panoramic Imager

With its very limited x-ray emission and its high quality images, Hyperion completes scans in less than 9 seconds and offers the choice of 15 programs to acquire automatically selected standard and pediatric panoramic projections, frontal and lateral views of the maxillary sinuses, and multiangle lateral and posterior-anterior views of the temporo-mandibular joint.

Hyperion’s additional three-dimensional 3DTS application enables you not only to view the panoramic image of the dentition, but once the 3DTS process is complete, you can also explore the third dimension related to a specific volume of the upper and lower jaw.


Laser dentistry

This cutting edge technology has allowed us to reach better results as compared to the traditional methods through the use of more precise incision techniques that will decrease bleeding with the additional benefits of faster healing and less post surgical pain as well as improved disinfection of the root canal.



In the past, the traditional methods for making tooth-colored cosmetic dental restorations, crowns, and veneers involved a series of dental appointments and final fabrication of the restoration by a dental laboratory. Today CAD/CAM allows us to custom-fabricate any of these faster by using a small milling machine. The first step in using the dental CAD/CAM is tooth preparation. The second step involves taking an impression, using a soft material over the tooth and making a mold out of it. The cosmetic dental restoration is next designed using a computer software and the material that match the color of your specific tooth is chosen by your dentist. The material is then placed into a miniature milling machine. In just a few minutes it produces a precise, custom-fitting cosmetic dental restoration. Finally, the new cosmetic dental restoration is test-fitted, color adjusted, and bonded in place. After your bite and fit are checked, you’ll have a new, CAD/CAM cosmetic dental restoration.


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