Sports Dentistry

POWRGARD Mouthguards feature the latest technology that sportspeople want. Great fit, genuine protection for Teeth, Jaw and Brain. No other mouthguard range has so many newly patented features with technology that everyone wants to have.

As designers of Orthodontic and TMJ Appliances, POWRGARD have a unique and advanced knowledge vastly superior to other mouthguard-only companies. The Shock Transfer Core (or STC) design allows the optimum jaw position to be customized for the individual. Also, the extra absorbtion of the STC in the STEALTH2 and EXTREME gives maximum TMJ and concussion protection. The STEALTH2 features the patented Air Spring Core for further TMJ protection.

Prevention of TMJ damage and concussion has been the more recent concern of the players in any kind ofsports and especially for children:
– The POWR JUNIOR is specifically designed for young children between the ages of 5 and 9 years. The size and shape make it easy to fit with minimal heating and molding. The child must have 2 adult teeth (minimum) in their upper jaw to use the POWR JUNIOR
– The PWRGARD 4 Braces Unique design fits tightly and correctly over all Orthodontic braces, made from thermoplastic material, its flexibility allows it to never need adjusting even when the braces move the teeth.