Oral surgery

Tooth extraction

A simple and short procedure performed when the tooth can no longer be prostheticaly treated.

Tooth Extraction Procedure


A biopsy is an important tool in the diagnosis of lesions raging from a simple periapical lesion to malignancies. It involves the removal of cells or of tissue depending on the nature of the lesion and its location.

Fibroma Excision with CO2 Laser

Sinus floor lift surgery

This procedure replaces deficient bone height in the area of your upper first and second molars and occasionally the second premolar. Without this important procedure, there would be insufficient bone height to support dental implants due to an enlarged sinus. Our experts are specialists in this type of surgery and are equipped with the latest technology designed to deal with these specific situations.

Sinus Lift Surgery For Dental Implants

Wisdom tooth surgery

Most of the times, wisdom teeth don’t have enough space to erupt normally and can potentially cause problems, such as infection, resorption of the adjacent tooth, crowding,…Rectifying the situation requires surgery that is most of the time 100% pain-free performed under the administration of a local anesthetic agent. Post-operative discomfort is negligible due to minimally invasive techniques to ensure quicker healing for the patient.

sectioning technique

Bone grafting

This procedure requires reconstructive surgery that will correct the resorption of the jaw bone to restore its natural contour and to allow proper implantation of the replacement tooth.

bone graft

Impacted tooth and canines

Are the result of a situation in which an un-erupted tooth is wedged against another tooth or teeth or otherwise directed so that it cannot erupt normally. When facing this problem, we will usually resort to extracting the tooth or aiding it to erupt orthodontically.

Operative removal of an impacted canine